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What’s New?!

New! Pay your bill online!

No hassle with our new option to PAY ONLINE! Just follow the link to: https://www.smiledash.com/home.action and choose "SIGN UP NOW" Verify your information and be sure to include your e-mail address Online bill pay may not be utilized without an e-mail address and last four digits of patient's social security...

Have you gotten your BluTech glasses?

Blue light impacts your health and vision.  Blue light from the sun, electronics, and energy efficient bulbs can cause glare, poor contrast, and blurry vision.  Blue light also affects your ability to feel sleepy. These factors contribute to Macular Degneration which is the leading cause of blindness.  Protect your eyes...

Pink, Stinging Eyes? It Could Be Pink Eye

Conjunctivitis, also called pink eye, is one of the most frequently seen eye diseases, especially in kids. It can be caused by viruses, bacteria or even allergies to pollen, chlorine in swimming pools, and ingredients in cosmetics, or other irritants, which touch the eyes. Some forms of conjunctivitis might be...

Perceptions Holiday Savings

Season's Greetings!

We are offering a 40% Holiday savings on all glasses, sunglasses, and lenses til December 20th! Use your Health Savings account before the end of the year to get spare pair of glasses! Please note, the contact lenses holiday discount has now concluded.

Still looking for something special for that special someone? Look no further! We have Gift Certificates available for any dollar amount of your choosing.

This would be the perfect gift for that someone in your life that needs an eye exam or a new pair of glasses!

Grand Opening Event

Join us for the Grand Opening Celebration on November 22 from 4-8. Enjoy food and fun while you shop our new spacious boutique. Take advantage of 50% savings of all eye wear including sunglasses.

We have moved!

Hello from Dr. Parnell! I would like to announce that we have officially moved into our new office space and would love to invite everyone to come by and take a look. We now have over 800 designer frames and sunglasses to offer you. You will love our new Optical Store! Here's a sneak peek...

Care Enough To Share

Hey, Perceptions Fans!

Just a reminder that our "Care Enough To Share" patient referral program is still in full swing!

When you refer a NEW patient to us, have them let us know that you referred them at their very first scheduled exam. We will then credit your account $20 for the referral. The NEW patient will also receive a $10 credit.

The credit may be used towards any service in our office, including the purchase of Sunglasses!

Also, there is NO LIMIT to how many times you may receive this credit!